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My name is Leanette Pokuwaah.  I am a writer, teacher, and coach. As a first-generation Ghanaian woman, I wanted to be able to create and teach Enneagram content that sought to center the stories and voices of people of color and others that are traditionally placed at the margins.

     The opening of spaces for folks to uncover their whole selves through the recollection, reflection, and retracing of their stories is so powerful and healing. I hope this platform filled with blogs, local gatherings, and individual coaching sessions could center and heal people especially traditionally placed on the margins.





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I am Confused. What Is The Enneagram ?

You may be wondering what the Enneagram is from reading my story and I am excited to share what it is. The Enneagram is a powerful pathway toward spiritual growth and for personal and professional development.  The Enneagram states that there are nine lenses in which we view and see the world and each person is fixated on one of these nine ways of seeing their reality. 


Within each of these nine types, there are also root motivations and particular wounding words that are spoken to us as we grow and develop that solidify into false narratives that grab hold of us and leave us in bondage, repeating the same self-deprecating patterns and habits. What's so unique about the Enneagram is it gives us language for what we see ourselves doing over and over but cannot quite figure out what to do about it and exposes the messy parts of ourselves we chose to ignore.



“Working with Leanette on the Enneagram was a life-changing experience. It’s awesome how she approaches it from a POC perspective. I highly recommend her coaching.”

— Abib Ajibola,

  1-on-1 POC-Centered Enneagram Coaching

Uncovering Your EnneaStory Starts Here

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