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  • Leanette Pokuwaah

Courageous Living with Enneagram 6’s

My mom and my step mom show me how to live courageously! They are both 6's and they have taught me a lot about how to live in the world to the fullest. For the last couple of days I have been thinking about what it means to courageously live. For one thing, despite their doubts and fears (which we all do but especially 6's) they still assert themselves and share what is in their hearts because they believe what they say matters. There are several challenges that would keep Enneagram 6's like them from living in that way. They are present in their bodies knowing when to rest, to pause or to simply enjoy themselves!

Oftentimes as women of color especially, it can be difficult to feel safe or confident enough in a world that seems to threaten and diminish our existence. But Enneagram 6's tap into this head and heart space of courageous living, when they become more and more of who they are created to be. They move away from over-analyzing and overthinking things and become more and more present. They become grounded---knowing who they are and the courage they are capable of. They live intentionally and have the beautiful gift of discernment. They teach me so much as a Enneagram 9! There is so much to explore and cannot wait to in my next post!!

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