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  • Leanette Pokuwaah

Poem Introducing "Us" into The Enneagram 3 Archetype

“Transfixed by the wide image seen in this mirror, translucent, loose shape, shifting, weighing in on the outskirts, only to find, my form in the unreal. Afraid to see what is underneath this veil, this mask, this shadow self. Is the real me perpetually "tethered" to the self that I push so deep underground? There seems to be substance that lies in this chasm between the self I have fabricated all along and the untouched depths of my essence. May it be a bridge to uncovering the many failures to envision a moment where I could just be."

Image From Jordan Peele's movie "US"

In the month of April, I will be dissecting the Enneagram 3 Archetype--viewing it from different perspectives. Namely through a POC lens. I also recently the horror movie by Jordan Peele and starring Lupita Nyong'o, "US" hence the picture and emphasis on "US" in my blog title. I found it so interesting how the movie US tapped into some fascinating themes of duality, the shadow self and the true self. The differences between the mask we wear and what is underneath it all. The questions of what is real and what is an illusion--and the fear that comes with taking a deeper look at what is really there. I connect these recurring themes and relate it to the Enneagram and the Enneagram 3 archetype specifically.

Be on the lookout as I dive into the Enneagram and its various intersections with pop culture, race, and class throughout this month.

Can you already make the connects? If so message me!!!

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